Guernsey French Eisteddfod

Juniors Choral Speaking


Les P'ties Chans
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par Majorie Ozanne

L'aute jour ma chaune au six p'ties chans,
J'les oimes tous, i saont si bouans
Y'en a trais nars, et daux brounaïs
Et yun qu'a énne bianche rile su l'naï

Leux maire est bouanne et a leux soigne
Quànd a les lavent, a prend d'la poïne
D'les r'paraï bien, et pie i jouent
Et tournent en raond et cachent leux coue.

I mangent auchtaure a leux tousau
Ils oïment a s'assiais auprés l'fau.
Nous a du piaisi à les vais
Et i nous amusent bien des fais.

My Puppies

The other day my dog had six puppies,
I love them all, they are so good
Three of them are black, and two
And one has a white line on its nose.

Their mother is good and looks after them
When she washes, them she is careful
To clean them well, and then they play
And turn round in circles and chase their tails.

They are now eating on their own
They love sitting next to the fire.
We enjoy watching them
And often they make us laugh.

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